2D Art

Concept Art and Illustration

Bell XV-15. Aviation design study.

Landscape studies focusing on color and composition.

Eonos mood sketches. As part of my bachelor thesis I did a lot of these small sketches to establish the mood for key locations and the general look of the game. For more material about Eonos visit the project page.

Craig Mullins study. He is my favorite artist and I consider his style and quality my final destination. Check out his art at goodbrush.com.

This one also started out as a Mullins study but I changed the design and pose of the character.

Tyrell Office. Blade Runner movie study.

Collapsing Worlds. My intention with this series was to develop a style that would fit the atmosphere of the original movie.

The Pillars of the Earth

2D Art for the Interactive Novel by Daedalic Entertainment

Check out this project!